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FREE Minnesota DMV Motorcycle Practice Test 4 2018 | MN

Are you wondering if you’re ready to take the Minnesota motorcycle permit exam? This free MN motorcycle permit practice test will let you know! Each of the fifty practice questions is designed to evaluate your knowledge of the information in the official Minnesota Motorcycle, Motorized Bicycle, and Electric- Assisted Bicycle Manual, the same document that the official test is based upon. The format of this MN motorcycle permit practice test is very similar to that of the official exam that you are required to pass in order to obtain your motorcycle endorsement. The practice test below is designed to give you an accurate estimation of your readiness to pass the official exam. As a bonus, each of the practice questions includes an optional hint and a simple explanation of the correct answer. There’s no better way to know if you’re ready to ace the Minnesota motorcycle permit exam than testing your skills with this free practice test.
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You need to answer 40 questions correctly to pass.
Passing score required at the MN DMV: 80%
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