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FREE Minnesota DVS Signs & Road Situations Practice Test 2019 | MN

The knowledge test for your learner’s permit and driver’s license in Minnesota is a multiple-choice written exam based on the 2019 Minnesota Driver’s Manual. The test requires that you correctly answer a minimum of 32 of the 40 questions to pass and be eligible for a learner’s permit. In Minnesota, no matter your age, you will be required to hold a permit for a time before you can take a driving exam and receive a license. If you’re a minor, you’ll be required to take a classroom-based driver’s education course, which will cover the information contained in the driver’s manual. . When you go to take your test, you’ll need to bring in the proper paperwork for residence and identity, and submit to a vision test. Once you pass, you’ll need to pay a permit fee of $13.25 and last for two years, or until you’re ready for your license. This DVS practice test will focus just on the road signs and traffic situations to help you study and prepare more in-depth for your official knowledge test. Each question will be accompanied by an image illustrating a sign or situation that you may face on not only your written exam, but also your driver’s test, making this practice test particularly important to pass.

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